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About Huck & Company

Huck & Company offers automotive detailing services to Western Loudoun County. From ceramic coatings, window tinting, PPF, interior details & maintenance packages, Huck & Company has your automotive detailing needs covered.

We are an authorized XPEL Dealer offering an array of protection options for your vehicle’s exterior and interior. 

Tired of those pesky rock chips? Paint Protection Film has you covered (literally). Want your vehicle’s exterior looking like glass? Ceramic Coatings are your answer. Can you not escape the heat and glare from the sun? Our window tint is the best available on the market today!

“How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything… And I Apply That Mindset To Your Detailing Job.”

Blake Soni | Owner & Professional Detailer

Our Services

Quality Work & Convenience at a Fair Price.

Auto Detailing

We offer detailing services for every part of your vehicle. We use professional detailing products that are gentle on the interior materials

Window Tinting

Window tinting to keep your car cool while giving you privacy with professional window tinting. We tint all vehicles.

Ceramic Coating

The best way to keep your car protected with ceramic coating.  Great for keeping your vehicle clean and looking brand new.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection films, or PPF, is a great way to protect your vehicle’s surfaces from damage caused by debris.

gift cards

We offer a variety of gift certificate amounts to fit any holiday or gift amount.


Nothing! Most detailers have hidden fees based on pets and the condition the vehicle is in AFTER they show up. That’s not how we do business and think that is misleading for the customer. We can guarantee that doesn’t happen with Huck & Co. The price you’re quoted is the price you pay when we show up. No hidden fees…ever.

All we ask is that the majority of personal items are removed from the vehicle and it is parked in a spot with 4-5 ft of room, 360 degrees. This makes the job go smoother and you get your vehicle back faster this way.

I take extreme precautions when working on your vehicle to ensure this does not happen. I understand how important your vehicles are to your family and treat them as my own while working on them. A great finished product relies in all the little details. “How you do anything is how you do everything” and I apply that mindset to your detailing job. In addition, Huck & Co. is fully licensed and insured.

Huck & Co. accepts cash, check, Venmo, PayPal or credit card. Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.

We mainly use Adam’s Polishes chemicals, but we are constantly searching for the best products to get the high end results expected. Huck & Co. is always looking to get that 1% better.

For over 20 years Adam’s Polishes has been delivering premium car care products all over the world. These products are blended here in the USA with the most premium raw materials from around the world. Adam’s chemists are the best in the industry and every chemical is hand mixed & perfected multiple times before it goes into mass production. This premium line of products is safe for all vehicle types; luxury and exotic cars included.

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