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Hi, I’m Blake!

I was born in Solihull, England, but grew up all over the Southeast, United States. I’ve lived in Savannah, Atlanta, Athens (GA), Sarasota FL, Auburn AL, and now Northern VA. I met my beautiful wife, Alex, through mutual friends when I moved up to VA and am thankful I made that move every single day. We hung out for the first time two weeks after I moved up, and here we are 5 years later still doing life together and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I played collegiate golf at Auburn University, but have always enjoyed fast cars and bikes. I got into riding motorcycles very shortly after college and I’m now a certified riding instructor through the Yamaha Champions Riding School (3C certified coach) and the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA). And while the motorsports community brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment, I am a dog person more than anything. This is where my story truly begins…

I adopted Huck the day after graduating from the Auburn Humane Society. He was a 5 month old Great Dane/Lab mix sitting in the corner “cell” not barking and looking overwhelmed at his situation. He had no business being in there and from the moment I saw him I knew we were meant to be together. I didn’t care that my apartment at the time wouldn’t allow dogs…I knew we would figure it out. Huck was the definition of a gentle giant and had the best damn soul I’ve ever met. He was by my side every day and taught me more about life and love than I ever imagined possible. Unfortunately, we lost him suddenly due to health complications in 2019 right before Alex and I got married, but his legacy and impact on our family stays with us every single day.

We would not be the same family we are today without him and always remember…BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOUR DOG THINKS YOU ARE.


Blake Soni

Owner & Professional Detailer. Enjoys playing golf (can drop bombs if anyone needs a ringer), motorcycle instructing and spending time with family. Exploring those WV back roads on a motorcycle is an amazing journey every time, but coming home to the family is best. One day hopes to detail his own truck 🙂

Alex Soni

Marketing / Design for Huck & Company. Loves spending time with family and spending time outdoors with our dogs Finn & Maya. Coffee is her love language.


He loved adventures and is now on to his biggest adventure yet. Run in Peace, buddy. We miss you like crazy.

Maya AKA Sun Bear

Employee of the Month (every month). Loves snacks, laying in the garage and is just happy to be here.

Finn AKA Wild Boy

Quality Control Manager. Loves barrel rolls in the yard, laying in the grass and chewing sticks.


I’m floored at the attention to detail and amount of time he spent getting dirt/mud/sand out of every little crevice. The Jeep looks awesome now! Definitely recommend.
- Sean f
I have taken my car to get detailed many places and he was able to get out stains no one has! I have three boys and a job where I’m at job sites with dirt and mud and he was able to get it spotless! Highly highly recommend him!
- Jacqueline K
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Huck & Co. is impressive on many levels...professional, extremely competent, and reliable. Looking forward to many more appointments in the future!
- rob
Thank you for the best birthday present ever. My car has never been that clean!! I will be returning.
- krista l

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